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About us

Company was started in 2000, with main focus to service of printers and computing.

In 2008 we have started working on our first Li-Ion batteryes, after we made plastic cases for Ni-Cd batteries in our family business Moragum s.r.o. Over time we have begun to look for alternative of contents of the mentioned plastic cases. The logical choise was the LiFePO4 cells, which has good price, lifetime, and safety.

Due to the big financial cost of buying a new machines for manufacturing, we have decided for our own design and construction of machines. During the year 2010, most of the machines was completely done.After that milestone the small-series production has started, the main focus of these first series, was to fine-tune the technological shortcomings and find final construction of product. The result was, that we have go from plastic to aluminium cases, and increasing capacity from 60Ah to 100Ah. These first acumulators are still tested to these time in e-car in daily drive.

From the economic point of view, small-series production was disadvantaheous, so we started to look for na investor to increase production capacity. Although we havent founded a investor, we have signed a contract for the production of machines in Argentina. Manufactury of acumulators in Czech has stoped to next year.

In 2014, we have started a new machine for the application of active materials, which accelerated our production several times.

This type of production is very sensitive to the enviroment, so we must solve this problem, because until that point the manufacture was goin in spaces of Moragum s.r.o.

In 2015, we have moved part of the production, which needs specific conditions to renovated spaces, where humidity and cleanliness is controled.

By the middle of 2016, production from new technology was mainly for testing purposes.

Since September 2016, our product has been commercially sold as LiFePO4 3,2V 100Ah Li-Ion battery.